Friday, 29 March 2013

Tantangan KBB # 33 Something Artisan : Bagels

Pregnancy & 2nd Challenge of the Year

Working, having 5yo active boy & in the late stage of pregnancy is a challenge. But glad I managed to squeeze time to do 2nd Challenge - Something Artisan : Bagels. Not to mentioned, I also misread the recipe :(

To Make Bagels, it takes at least 2 days. Day 1 for making a dough & Day 2 Baking day.

Bagels recipe
Source : Peter Reinhart : Artisan Breads Every day :  Fast and Easy Recipe for World-Class Breads

Dough Recipe

21 g Barley Malt syrup, Honey or Rice syrup or 7 g Diastatic Malt Powder ( I use Honey)
3g Instant Yeast
10,5 g Salt
255g Lukewarm Water (about 35deg C) -- (I misread the recipe but then managed to top up the water later )
454g Unbleached Bread Flour ( I use Plain Flour)  

Instructions :

 Day 1 ...

- Stir Honey, Yeast, Salt into a lukewarm water, set aside until frothy.

- Pour the flour into a mixing bowl then add yeast mixture. Use a wooden spoon, mixed everything for 3 minutes until everything mixed and smooth. Let it rest for 5 minutes

- Then work the dough on a floured table, knead the dough until smooth and elastic. Put it in the oily bowl & covered it

- Proofing the Dough Overnight until its Double in size

Day 2 ...

- Now its time to forming the dough into round shape & make a hole in the middle just like doughnut shape. I use doughnut shaper to help :)

- Take the dough out from the bowl. Form a log then cut it into small size and ready to form into round shape & don't forget to make a hole in the middle. Put on a baking tray with an oily parchment paper to prevent bagels stick to it.

-  Once its ready set aside for 60 - 90 minutes

- After 90minutes, do a ' FLOAT TEST ' to make sure that bagels ready to be boiled. To do the Float   Test - pour a water in a bowl, take one bagels out from the tray  If the bagels sinking take the bagel out from water, dry it and put it back to the tray and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. And if the bagels floating it's mean bagels ready to be boiled

Boiled Dough Recipe 
181 - 272 g Water
28,5g Barley Malt syrup or Honey (I use Honey) 
14g Baking Soda
7g Salt

Instructions  :

   Bring a large pot of water to boil and tip Honey, baking soda and salt, turn down the heat until the water is simmering

- Slip the bagels into the simmering water mixture - make sure not too overcrowded at least 3 at the time. Cook one side for 1-2 minutes and turning over in the water until the bagels have puffed slightly and a skin has formed. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain away any excess water.

-  While you boil the dough, heat up the oven with a temperature around 223ish degree celcius

-  After all bagels boiled, now its time to dipping the topping

Topping Choices
Poppy Seeds
- Sesame Seeds
- 1 White eggs & water 

Instructions :  

- Brushed white eggs & water mixture over the bagels - this is like a glue for a toppping

- Dip the bagels into a topping of your choices - Mine Sesame seeds & Poppy seeds

- Put the bagels back to the tray   

- Now bake it with a temperature around 200ish degree celcius for 8 minutes

- Once its baked, cooling it down on cooling rack
- ready to be served 

The beauty baking a bread is the fresh beautiful smell coming out from the oven that filled the kitchen. I just love the smell :)

Actually this is my first time eating & baking bagels. Taste good need a little work on the dough I guess to make it more fluffy, but overall, not too bad for a first timer like me :)

Enjoy the bagels everyone ....



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