Friday, 8 June 2012

Cheesy Choux Pastry

Cheesy Choux Pastry

Original recipe source from here

The recipe is in Bahasa Indonesia, here's the recipe in english:

The ingredients :

100 gr butter
225 cc water
1/4 sdt salt
3 Eggs
125 gr all purpose flour
1 sdt baking powder
25 gr Permesan Cheese
25 gr Cheddar cheese,grated

Directions :

- Heat oven on 180 degree celcius. Prepare the baking tray
- Put butter & water in a saucepan until boiling & butter is melted. Pour flour, stir until mixed, put aside
- Pour permesan cheese & baking powder into flour-butter-water mixture, stir let it cool.
- Add egg one at a time. Stir until mixed
- Put the mixture into piping bag use star tip & make small round shape. sprinkle cheddar cheese over
- Bake the pastry until turn golden brown

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